Monday, January 23, 2017

Thanks for inspiring me -- featuring Lawn Fawn :)

Hi everyone! :)

As you might know, CHA (Creativation) was here in Phoenix this weekend (I think it actually ends today) -- and I had 2 bloggy friends reach out to me about wanting to meet up while they were in town for the event (I didn't attend this year ... more on that later) :) 

So when these two friends reached out to me ...ummmmmmmmm YES! I would love to meet you!!!!

So the family and I headed to downtown Phoenix on Saturday to meet ......

drum roll please..............

I was so happy and excited to meet both of these amazing women!!! They both inspire me sooooooooo much and so I wanted to make them a little CHOCOLATE treat bag for them to have while walking around CHA! :)

I made these using Lawn Fawn stamps :)

I filled the little bags with heart chocolates :)

So yes, CHA was here in Phoenix this year, but I didn't attend :)  CHA membership is EXPENSIVE (well, to me it is! LOL!) .... and when you go as a blogger, or designer (individual) and NOT working for a company (as I have in the past) -- as each company is allowed to have so many people under their membership as employees for the show, the membership fee is just something I can't pay right now -- Brian and I are HOPING that Brookie will have another surgery this year (we are meeting with her surgeon next month) --- and our insurance deductible is INSANELY expensive, and her hospital demands payment up front.  So right now, we are saving our pennies to pay for the deductible, IF we can get a surgery date this year.  I will know more when we see her surgeon next month :) As for CHA....maybe next year! *wink* :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)

Friday, January 20, 2017

Chronicles of Timothy -- featuring Simple Stories, Bo Bunny and Sugar Pea Designs :)

Hi everyone! :)

Every year our Elf on the Shelf comes to visit Brookie, starting the day after Thanksgiving and leaving on Christmas Eve!  We have ONE rule with him, HE CANNOT MOVE to another spot until Mama (that's me!) takes a photo of him to capture the memory! :)

And what do I do with all those photos?!?!? I make Brookie a mini album of course highlighting all the things Timothy did during the season of course :)

This year I used a Simple Stories Snap! album and inserts, Bo Bunny's "Elf Magic" collection, Simple Stories "Snow Patrol" collection and "Merry Makers" stamps from Sugar Pea Designs :)

A note he left for Brookie on his first day back -- his handwriting isn't the best --- wellllllll he is left handed, and Mama (that's me!) is of course, right handed ... so there's that!  *wink* :)  Ohhhhhh and he obviously doesn't know how to spell -- since Brookie pointed out to me that he spelled "giraffe" wrong... lol! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I appreciate it! :)